Jenny Lynch

Jenny Lynch

Class of 1996

Cheswick is a school that not only educates the whole child, but continues to foster godly relationships that last a lifetime. The same teacher who taught me how to correctly hold a pencil in preschool is now a friend who chats comfortably with me on Facebook or in person. Cheswick isn’t temporal; it’s truly eternal by the power of the Holy Spirit that has manifested itself within those walls and beyond! It’s not by might not power but by my spirit says the Lord!


Scott Patterson

Class of 2000

When I think back on the time I spent at CCA, I can’t help but smile. The small intimate nature of the school provided an atmosphere that felt more like a family than a school. The teachers were not only instructors, but people who genuinely cared about my well being. Their impact on my life is immeasurable, and I feel that I love God more today because of the selfless generosity that they showed toward me for all those years.

Carol Muroki

Caroline Caraballo

Class of 1998

On my first day at CCA Mr. T. winked at me and told me everything was going to be OK; he was so right! I loved my experience at Cheswick. The teachers were amazing and engaged. I still quote Mr. Kellner and Mr. Mellars to this day. I will forever hold fond memories of fun, friendship and an atmosphere that encouraged kids to love God with an open heart and mind.


Kirk Kowalkowski

Class of 1995

At CCA I received a quality education from passionate teachers who were invested in my life and spiritual well-being. When it came time to choose a school for my own kids, CCA was the obvious choice.


Ben Johnson

Class of 2013

I went to CCA from K-12, and I enjoyed every minute of my time there. The strong relationships I made with students and faculty continue years after I graduated. CCA has a great environment to learn and has truly prepared me for life after graduation spiritually, personally, and professionally.

Kristin Covey

Kristen Odell

Class of 1999

My time at CCA as a student was a treasure. The staff and teachers cared for their students like family. Jesus was the center and the heartbeat of CCA. I’m thankful for the legacy they left on my life.


Matt Ozolnieks

Class of 1986

I reflect back on my days at Cheswick Christian Academy, and hold fond memories of it as a place for faith formation and strong academics.  The time I spent at CCA prepared me for success in life, career, and future academic pursuits.

David Majocha

David Majocha

Class of 1991

The very idea that CCA has been around for 40 years is a testament to the work that God is doing through all of the people involved with the running and keeping open of CCA. Words cannot express the tremendous impact on my life that CCA had with where I am today. For that, I am forever grateful!


Lisa Godson-Burrell

Class of 1997

I sincerely appreciate the heart for ministry the teachers had. I couldn’t see or appreciate it completely until years later. The simple sayings that Mr. Kellner repeatedly spoke were such wonderful words of wisdom even in my adult life. “Repetition and Recall”! To this day, his words are still with me.


Steve Patterson

Class of 2002

My time at CCA was just the best.  I loved it!  The relationships I formed with students and teachers alike were so instrumental in my life.  You know, our school years go a long way in determining our trajectory into adulthood.  Fortunately, I found myself surrounded by a faculty and staff that cared deeply about the man I’d become.

Nate Davis-1

Nate Davis

Class of 2004

The fidelity of the faculty at CCA is what impacts me to this day. These folks serve(d) and this enriches the heritage and life of CCA. I am thankful for such examples of servitude.


Nikki Mellars

Class of 1998

I attended CCA as a student, from 1985-1998 (K-12th grade). I am now back at CCA, however, this time around my role has changed: I am now the parent of a current elementary student. Although many years have passed, and some things are no longer the same, one thing has remained constant, the love and commitment of the dedicated teachers and staff!


Nick Muroki

Class of 2001

I will be forever grateful for my time at CCA. I wasn’t just a student. I was part of a community that focused on sharing the love of Christ, which instilled the values that have helped shape the man, husband and father I am today. I consider it a true blessing to have been a part of something so special.

Sophia Kiriloff

Sophia Kirilloff

Class of 2017

Some of my fondest memories were at CCA. Not only do they have dedicated, caring teachers, but they encourage you in your walk with Christ. I still go back and meet with some of my old teachers to get advice and prayer. Such an awesome school!!


Janie Castilla

Class of 1996

Sending me to CCA was the best decision my parents could have ever made. Having teachers who pointed me to Christ through those transformative years was foundational for my life as an adult. My educational experience was excellent. The staff give their lives to ministering and educating the next generations.  I can’t say enough about how my education at Cheswick Christian Academy shaped me.


Emily Walters

Class of 1997

CCA gave me the foundation I needed to succeed in college and in my career.

Natalie Merola

Natalie Merola

Class of 2013

My brothers and I went to CCA for 12 years altogether. The staff was always there for us and we learned a lot academically and about God. We love the school and are so thankful to have gone there!


Josh Patterson

Class of 1998

Cheswick Christian Academy offered me a great educational and spiritual foundation.  I am thankful for all of the teachers and staff members who helped leave this positive imprint on my life.