Todd Rosio

Principal, Mathematics & Science


God called me to serve at CCA. My hope is that the students develop a relationship with God, to know and love him now, so that they will obey and serve him after moving on from here.

Serving since 1994

Bob Rosio

CCF Pastor, French & Bible


Cheswick Christian Academy is my life’s dream and my life’s work. My hope is that the students we serve will walk with God. I love being Christians together as we wait for the return of the Lord.

Serving since 1977

Jeff Kellner

Assistant Principal, Bible, History, Science


God called me to work at Cheswick Christian Academy. I love that I have the liberty to tell the truth about the truth. My hope is that the students will be loyal to their testimony that Jesus saves.

Serving since 1979

Clinton Blazevich

CCF Pastor, Bible & Physical Education


When God calls, obedience is not optional; that is why I serve at CCA. I love too many things about CCA to list in one sentence.

Serving since 2003

Amy Russell



I serve in obedience to God’s call. It is my hope that the students at CCA will walk in obedience to God’s call on their lives. I love just about everything at CCA.

Serving since 1980

Marie Rosio

Guidance Counselor, Literature & French


I believe I was called by God to serve at CCA. What I love most is that we can pray at any time, and bring God into the subject matter.

Serving since 1978

Brandy Blazevich

Science, History, & Bible


I believe God called me to serve at CCA. The student body and staff are amazing. It is an intimate, Christ-centered environment that is conducive to learning and building relationships.

Serving since 2010

Alane Lovic

Kindergarten Teacher


We are a family who works together and offers advice to each other. I hope the students view one another as a team of Christians who will support each other in the years to come.

Serving since 2014

Sharon San Rocco

6th Grade Teacher


I’m blessed to be able to teach about Jesus, to encourage and strengthen my students in their individual walk with our Lord. I hope they always walk in a close relationship with their Lord Jesus, no matter what they do in life.

Serving since 1993

Henry "Chick" Thompson

5th Grade Teacher


I serve at Cheswick out of love for the Lord, and my hope is that the students would accept Jesus into their hearts.

Serving since 1985

Kim Thomas

Food Service Director


I serve at CCA because I enjoy giving through cooking. My hope is that the students would be God-centered, and ready to take their goals on head first.

Serving since 2012

Patty Buirge



Many years ago my Lord called me to CCA, and it has shown to be a perfect fit. I am blessed to have been able to serve here for so many years. Our faculty is awesome, and our students are like family!

Serving since 1984

Star Laliberte

Office Manager


CCA is like a family to me. My serving is out of obedience to God’s call. My hope is that our students experience the love of Jesus extended through us, and choose to love, serve, and follow Him.

Serving since 2003

Ruth Hamm

2nd Grade Teacher


CCA is like a family.  I appreciate teaching Christian values as an integral part of our curriculum. My goal is to provide a quality education, and I pray my students come to know the Lord.

Serving since 2008

Cathy Kowalkowski

Language Arts Teacher


I was called by God to serve at CCA, and the love of Christ is felt by both students and faculty. I have a heart for teaching teens, and my hope is that they embark on a life of following Christ.

Serving since 2011

Calyta Phillips

3rd Grade Teacher


As a parent and a teacher, I can attest that CCA thrives at combining academic excellence with strong Christian values. Our faith is evident in our interactions with our students and each other.

Serving since 2015

Ron Skirpan

4th Grade Teacher


I serve at Cheswick Christian Academy because God has called me here. The faculty and students are God’s family. My hope is simple, that my students will know Christ.

Serving since 1977

Mary Pat Parsons

Art Teacher


I serve at CCA to honor our Lord by sharing my creative gifts, training, and art experience. What I love most is the small Christian school atmosphere that has a feeling of family.

Serving since 2003

Denise Washlaski

Physical Education


I serve at CCA, striving to be God’s faithful and humble soldier following His lead. I love being a part of a Christian family of believers, and having the freedom to pray.

Serving since 2011