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Friday, January 24th – half day of school

22 / January

This Friday, January 24th, is a half day of school with a noon dismissal. Students from the Plum Borough and Penn Hills School Districts will need to make arrangements for transportation home as these districts will not honor our early dismissal time.

Pictures are Still Needed

14 / January

Attention Parents of Seniors - Emily Rosio still needs the seniors' pictures for their senior page. They were due in December, and she needs them ASAP. So far, she has only had two responses. Either download them onto or email them to Emily at

Attention Parents of All Students - Emily Rosio would love more pictures to put in the yearbook. Send her pics of sport activities, productions, holiday festivities, any school activity, etc. She wants pictures, pictures, pictures! Please email them to her at

Amazon Smile

5 / December

When doing your online shopping at Amazon, choose Amazon Smile ( instead of  Then, select CCF as your charitable organization!  Every eligible purchase will count towards $ for us.  The shopping is exactly the same with the same products and prices.  The only difference is Amazon sends us a portion of your purchase in the form of a check because we are a 501(c)(3) organization!  Many people are already doing this, so we are getting frequent checks from Amazon.  It is a great deal for us!


20 / September

Tuition must be paid by midnight on the last day of the month or a $20 late fee will automatically be assessed. If payment is late 2x, the academy reserves the right to REQUIRE payment for enrollment to continue.

Parking and Checks

4 / September

Regarding Parking:

The faculty parking lot is NOT to be used for student dropoffs or pickups during the school day from 8:00 to 3:30.  Do not pick up your child at the end of the day in the faculty lot unless your child has a doctor's medical excuse.  Avoid parking in bus zone areas, in Cheswick Fire Department zones (marked red on Spruce Street), in the elementary school turnaround or blocking anyone's driveway.  Short stay dropoffs and pickups can happen on Pittsburgh Street, Highland Avenue, and the opposite side of Spruce Street.



Checks for lunch are to be made separate from tuition checks.  If combined, they will be returned to you.  The lunch account and the school account are two different accounts.

Student Rules

22 / August

The updated student rules for 2019-20 have now been posted on this website.  The first two pages are the secondary student rules.  The next two pages are the secondary student rules with a place for the secondary student to sign, which we will have them do the first day of school.  We keep these on file in the office.  The last two pages are the elementary rules.  One page lists the rules and the second page is our demerit system.

General Mills Box Tops – now has an app to submit upc’s

12 / July

Hello all.

We can still submit General Mills Box Tops the old way and receive cash for them, so please keep sending them in.  However, they have notified us that they will gradually be phasing that procedure out in lieu of submissions by app.

For those of you who want to try something new...

Download the General Mills Box Tops app.  You will have to register yourself and our school (you only need the name of our school).  Then you just have to scan your receipt when buying the products and it will immediately register to our school.  I just tried it and it does work, and ok,... it's a little bit fun!  😉  Ah, technology.

The downside for us is that we can no longer do the Box Tops contest in May because those people using the app will not be able to designate the student and class to which their submissions apply.

Unexcused Absences & Tardies

4 / April

As stated in our rules, when a student is absent (either for a whole day or half day) or tardy, an excuse from the parent or doctor is required within 3 days.  If an excuse is not received, the absence or tardy becomes unexcused.  We have been informed of a new PA law, effective immediately, which states that as a non-public school we are not required to take action on unexcused absences or tardies, but we are to report them to the student's home school district once the number of unexcused absences or tardies passes three.

Food Assistance Programs

12 / December is a nonprofit website that offers the location and contact information of more than 40,000 food pantries and similar food programs across the country.  If you, or someone you know, could benefit from this program, please look into it.

Giant Eagle, Shop ‘n Save, Goodsearch, & Printer Cartridges

5 / December

If you link your Giant Eagle Advantage Card to our school (#0194), they will give us a percentage of your costs each time you shop.

If you link your Shop 'n Save Card to our school (#217), we can use points for Carnegie Science Center assemblies.

If you sign up to use the search engine, Good Search (also known as Good Shop) and link our school, they also send us a check each year.

We also collect used printer cartridges (small ones; not big ones).  Please place in a sealed zip-lock type bag and send them in.

Thanks for all your help in these little ways.


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