General Mills Box Tops – now has an app to submit upc’s

Hello all.

We can still submit General Mills Box Tops the old way and receive cash for them, so please keep sending them in.  However, they have notified us that they will gradually be phasing that procedure out in lieu of submissions by app.

For those of you who want to try something new…

Download the General Mills Box Tops app.  You will have to register yourself and our school (you only need the name of our school).  Then you just have to scan your receipt when buying the products and it will immediately register to our school.  I just tried it and it does work, and ok,… it’s a little bit fun!  😉  Ah, technology.

The downside for us is that we can no longer do the Box Tops contest in May because those people using the app will not be able to designate the student and class to which their submissions apply.

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