Cheswick Christian Academy
"For nothing will be impossible for God." Luke 1:37
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A "SHOUT OUT" goes to Mrs. Meredyth Heller for running a hoagie fundraiser for us to get an air conditioner for the kindergarten room.
The fundraiser raised over $1,750 for the A/C. 
Way to hustle, Meredyth!  Thanks much!
Thanks to everyone who purchased hoagies!
The A/C unit is due to be installed in the kindergarten room on Monday, 9/25.
New for 2017-18  
We are no longer distributing monthly gold envelopes.
Beginning this school year, students will receive a thick student/parent manual on the first day. 
All 2017-18 information and forms to be returned for the entire school year will be in that manual.
Most importantly, the Family Contact Information & Policy Card MUST BE returned immediately.
Any current pertinent information will be posted on this website announcement page.
Dates to remember in September:
Monday, 9/4/17 - Labor Day (no school)
Monday, 9/25/17 - School Picture Day by Lifetouch Photography
Wednesday, 9/27/17 - See You at the Pole - 8:00 a.m. - National gathering around school flag poles to pray.
Friday, 9/29/17 - First Grading Period Midterm
All seniors will receive a packet from PHEAA.  Parents, be aware and ask your 12th grader for it.
We are always looking for substitute teachers.  Please contact the school for information and requirements.
Art from the Heart projects for elementary art from Mrs. Parsons:
"Grades 1 - 6 will create Patriotic prayer cards of thanks in November which will be presented to veterans recovering in an area hospital and therapy center.  This will be done for Veterans Day in honor of their service to our country."

The Policy on Tuition and Fees for 2017-18 and 2017-18 School Calendar are posted on this website!
Remember:  families having one graduating senior as the only student enrolled must pay over 10 months instead of 12 so that full payment is made prior to graduation.  Diplomas will not be issued to students owing tuition.

12 monthly TUITION PAYMENTS are due the 20th of each month.

Monthly tuition payments (12 of them) are due the 20th of each month (Aug. through July).
There is a grace period to midnight of the last day of each month, after which a $20 late fee will be assessed. 
We have a mail slot in the front door of the high school where tuition payments may be inserted. 
Postmarks are never considered.
If you are late paying your tuition, please just include the late fee. 
We are a ministry operating on a small budget with one of the lowest tuition rates in the area
and would appreciate the late fee just being included if you have, in fact,
missed the 8-11 day grace period. 
Thanks to those of you who have done that! 
Once two late fees have been assessed or tuition is late two times, the Academy reserves the right to REQUIRE payments for enrollment to continue.

- - - - - - - - - - - - 
Cheswick Christian Academy's Wellness Policy
Cheswick Christian Academy has had a policy in place (called the Wellness Policy) since 2007 to encourage healthy eating habits and physical activity. It is reviewed annually and discussed at faculty meetings.  We welcome parental input and suggestions to further our wellness goals.  The high points for which we strive to achieve are to lead by example, encourage nutritional education to be part of our comprehensive program taught at every grade level, encourage participation in recess for elementary students and physical education class at all levels, encourage nutritional choices at school parties, and to limit the use of food as a reward for classroom or school activities unless the reward is an activity that promotes a positive nutrition message.  For a copy of our Wellness Policy in its entirety, please call the school office.   

Carnegie Cash for School
Join Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh in supporting Cheswick Christian Academy!
Buy or renew a membership, and our school will benefit.
In the event of an Emergency...   THIS IS A 1/6/15 REVISION
In the event of an emergency evacuation of our school(s), we have made arrangements with the Harmar House in Cheswick on Pittsburgh Street about a half mile down from the school towards Harmar to accommodate our students.  This is a change from the Ches-a-rena over GoodWill, which has moved.
The phone number for the Harmar House is (724) 274-4822.  Every effort would be made to keep parents informed via this website.  All student's cell phones would become allowably accessible.

And remember...
Cheswick Christian Academy was established to train a generation of children to live for Christ.

Last updated...9/21/17